Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am posting here that I have begun second blog called LOADED AND COCKED. Just click the blog name and it will take you there.  The first posting will explain its purpose.  There is a LIKE button on the site plus a place to subsribe or follow the postings.

I am interested in your response to this personal writing project.  I hope you will enjoy it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mission partnerships . . . here and beyond!

We are asking everyone to begin praying for us (WRBA) as we seek God's direction in mission partnerships right here in our own backyard or further out. We don't need to ask His will about does He want us to do it ( He wrote that instruction down just so we wouldn't forget it; see Matthew 28:18 plus the three other text messages :-) ). We do need to ask Him to guide us as to who, when, what and where.
If you are interested in your church getting involved locally or beyond, please call the WRBA office or write me at . "Here am I, send me Lord" is a great place to start the prayer. See you on the field.

Jack Gilliland
Rea Valley Baptist
Mission Ministry Team

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baptist Relief for Japan

I am sure the issue of how can you or your church respond to the disaster and tragedy in Japan has come to your mind.  Clicking on Japan Relief will take you to the web address of Arkansas Baptist State Convention Japan Relief site. Individuals or churches can also contribute to the Japan Relief by donating through White River Baptist Association by mailing a check to WRBA Japan Relief Fund, P. O. Box 358, Flippin, AR 72653.  We are providing this as an alternative only for your convenience.  White River will send all contributions to this fund to the ABSC Japan Relief. 

In addition to financial responses we can provide, I encourage you to intercede on behalf of the victims and their families, missionary families living there, and Americans who live and work there.  As tragic as the earthquake and tsunami are, we can believe that God will compassionately work among the communities there.  Pray that a spiritual awakening will occur among the people.

The New York Times has an interesting presentation of before and after satellite photos of the area affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  There is a blue slider in the midst of each picture that allows you to slide right and see the before photo and then as you slide left you will be able to see the after effects of the disaster.  It is a sobering piece of photo journalism.  Click HERE to view those photos.